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The attention to detail is carved in stone

Our wall coverings in concrete and stone look are a true declaration of love for your interior. Not only a cozy ambience and the abstract feeling of homey living can be brought with a stone wall in your living room. Targeted lighting effects or a specially treated surface offer real added value in the interior design. Wall coverings made of artificial stone, in stone look or as wall panels are trendy all over the world. The simple handling and the uncomplicated attachment of the artificial stone panels save time and money. With a bit of skill, the wall cladding in stone look cheap and also attach the artificial stone wall by hand and design. As a partner of Panelpiedra we are the market leader in wall cladding stone, artificial stone, wood, concrete and much more you can get from one source. Because buying and planning a wall cladding makes even more fun with a competent and professional contact person!

Many possibilities, one goal

In 20 different collections, we offer a wide selection for your future wall cladding-stone, concrete, tile look and also patterned elements fill our assortment. Whether it should be the Old British clinker wall or rather a tribute to the Italian Renaissance - our range of products holds many opportunities in itself and will certainly fulfill your dream. Give your spacious fashion room an international flair with our clinker walls of the Old British series or immerse your bedroom with the Rustico collection in a rustic living ambience with a wall cladding in brick look. Set targeted eye-catchers with Factory Style, Ladrillo Loft or a stylistic outing in France's beautiful Canton Chantilly. And make your wall design the pillar of a real insider tip among connoisseurs. Artificial stone wall panels are ideal elements for designing a stone wall in the living room. The high-quality workmanship and the brilliant finish of the artificial stone panels emphasize natural light sources and complement decorative elements perfectly in their effect. In addition, wall cladding in stone look cheap in price and a clean, and maintenance-free alternative to real masonry. Who wants to buy a wall paneling has many options to decide. An artificial stone wall in brick look, concrete design or filigree patterning can be inexpensively procured as wall cladding in stone look. Thanks to the shape and size of the product, the amount of artificial stone panels required is almost exactly calculable. This not only protects your wallet, but also the environment.

Make it easy: dream, select, buy, install and enjoy wall coverings.

Simple, clean, safe - with our collections, your love is set in stone.

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