Installation instructions for stone panels


Wall and ceiling panels not only have many practical advantages, they also create a warm and homely atmosphere in an instant. Quick and easy, they can make a boring wall to something special shine, or even small mistakes can disappear by the way. Unsightly cables or wires are quite easily invisible. The same applies to damaged areas in the plaster. A renovation with wall panels in a variety of stone look or panels in brick look is therefore always a good choice.


Further advantages are:

For particularly soundproof rooms, wall coverings also offer first-class sound insulation and heat insulation. This saves heating costs and thus money. Tips for mounting panels can be found in our online shop in the following video. Here you can see how light and easy our stone walls, artificial stone panels and clinker walls are mounted. It is not hard for any handyman and a real kid's game. Please note that you have sufficient grout, old painter and paint spray available. A drill, jigsaw or (circular saw), a cordless screwdriver, dowels, brush and a few cloths - that's it. You can easily make recesses for sockets or light switches, simply mark at the desired location and cut out the panel with a jigsaw or a multimaster.





Assembly instructions for Wodewa wood wall cladding


Design your own walls with a wodewa wall covering according to your wishes and ideas, quite simply - without craftsmen. With the simple do-it-yourself laying instructions from wodewa, you will become a craftsman yourself and learn how to lay your wall panels. Whether large surfaces or simply accents on the wall, with our step by step instructions and a installation video, we accompany you to the desired result. Are you still unsure and have further questions? Here our individual customer service will gladly help you.


The laying principle:


Wall design with the 3D solid wood wall covering by wodewa. With our video installation instructions, you can quickly and easily design room walls with wooden aprons. Learn what tools and tools you need and how to prepare the wall. Step by step, the attachment of the straps is shown and explained in the video. With our professional tips you give your rooms a natural elegance. The substrate must be stable, firm and smooth.